Safety & Hybrid

The health, safety, and inclusivity for our workshop participants is our top priority.

In partnership with our event venue, we are complying with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and relevant state and local authorities to provide a safe and healthy environment for COMBI 2022 participants.

We recognize that travel and in-person gatherings are not possible for everyone within the community. To improve the inclusivity of the event, we will provide limited hybrid capability for COMBI 2022 participants. However, virtual participation will not enable full access to meeting programming or professional networking opportunities. Our limited virtual capability is primarily intended for accepted oral presenters to give their talk when they are unable to travel. We are investigating the possibility to broadcast on-site talks, if a presenter consents to this broadcast. We will not have a hybrid component to posters and cannot guarantee that a given talk will be accessible from a virtual perspective.